iOS 16 has helped Apple "attract customers" from Android rivals althought Not yet released

According to the latest survey, up to 25% of Android users are considering switching to an iPhone, largely thanks to iOS 16.

hile the Android ecosystem is split by many big brands, including Samsung , Google, Asus, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, Nokia, etc., iOS is exclusively for iPhones produced by Apple itself. And at the end of last year, JPMorgan analyst said, cheap iPhone SE could help “Apple House” attract more than a billion Android users.

So what is the current situation? Security firm Beyond Identity surveyed 1,003 Americans to find out.

According to an April report, iOS has consistently gained significant market share over the past four years, although Android still holds the largest share at 69.74%. More interestingly, different markets have different preferences, and in some regions like Africa, high iPhone prices are one reason people switch to Android instead. According to the report, iOS accounts for 54% of the operating system market in North America and Oceania.

According to Beyond Identity, security is one of the main deciding factors when users choose an operating system.

According to the latest survey, 25% of Android users in the US are considering switching to iOS and 49% of them think the iPhone is more secure.

iOS 16 has helped Apple “attract customers” from Android rivals althought Not yet released

The practice also shows that there are more reports of Android security vulnerabilities, although Apple products are not immune to intruders either. The report said that while more than 40% in both groups had experienced malware attacks or phishing, many Apple users reported “never experienced any security breach under any circumstances.” any form”. When this happens, iOS users are 20% more likely to fully recover their data.

When owners of today’s highest-end Apple and Samsung smartphones were asked about their security awareness, iPhone 13 Pro Max users all claimed their product was the most secure they’ve ever used. use. On the other hand, the percentage of iOS users who feel secure is not much greater than that of Android users (76% and 74%).

The reason 25% of Android users switch to iPhone is because of the latest version of Cupertino giant’s operating system – iOS 16. This version has many security features to protect users from spyware. .

The study also revealed that Apple users are more concerned about safety and take measures such as using a six-digit pin to unlock the device and also using facial recognition and location tracking. However, iOS users are often too comfortable and lose their phones more often than Android users.

Of course, the above survey results are for reference only. Both Apple and Android vendors make great smartphones, but the chances are high that the iOS 16 operating system can help “Apple Cons” attract more users.


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