New Video Particulars NASA’s Plan to Return People to the Moon

We Are Going

NASA is assured it’s going again to the Moon — and this time, it plans to remain there.

On Tuesday, the company launched “We Are Going,” a brand new video narrated by Star Trek actor William Shatner.

Within the clip, NASA particulars exactly the way it plans to ship a crewed mission to the Moon by 2024 — concerning every little thing from the event of brand-new spacecraft to the hunt for mission-supporting water beneath the Moon’s floor.

Stepping Stone

The video’s launch comes on the heels of a request to Congress by NASA and the White Home for a further $1.6 billion to fund the crewed Moon mission. However based mostly on the language within the video, NASA plans to get to the Moon with or with out the extra funding.

“Our cost is to go shortly and to remain, to press our collective efforts ahead with a fervor that may see us return to the Moon in a fashion that’s wholly totally different than 50 years in the past,” Shatner says within the video.

“We flip in the direction of the Moon not as a conclusion however as preparation, as a test level towards all that lies past,” he provides. “Our best adventures stay forward of us. We’re going.”

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